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Fire & Smoke Alarms are one of the most important systems to have as they can save your life!

We offer three different types of systems:

Fire detection using your intruder alarm system.

This option would only be used for domestic and very small commercial property.

This system uses the intruder alarm to monitor for fire. Attached to your alarm would be smoke & heat detection devices.

If your alarm is monitored it could use the existing communications device to contact the emergency services.

Standard smoke alarms; battery & mains operated.

We can supply and install independently battery operated smoke alarms.

Home Fire Safety Pack

The Home Fire Safety Pack is the perfect solution for all round protection consisting of:
2 smoke alarms
1 1m x 1m fire square blanket
1  1kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher.
This offers all round fire protection against Class A, B and C Fires.

You must check your smoke alarms regularly and change any batteries every six to twelve months dependent on any false activation's.